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Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Growth

Hair fall can be worrying. There's a way to fix it. Several health conditions can cause hair loss include stress, nutritional deficiency, iron deficiency, alopecia, childbirth, menopause, thyroid, and others.

Most hair loss is associated with poor diet, genetic factors and the overall aging process. Many people may notice thinning of hair starting in about their thirties.

Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Your hair is basically protein based. So, vitamins for hair and the need for the right nutrients will help you raise hair growth.

Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Shiny Hair
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Here are the most Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for hair growth as it restore damaged hair, dry and rough. It protects from drying out and keeping your hair shiny. It also promotes blood circulation and  keeps the scalp healthy. Foods containing Vitamin E: Peanuts, almonds, milk, sunflower seeds, fish, cooked spinach, and dried herbs. [More: Almonds Benefits For Hair And Health].

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has the ability in hair dryness efficiently and cure premature graying of hair. Foods containing Vitamin C: Strawberries, guavas, lemons, and mandarins.

3. Biotin or Vitamin B7

Biotin is favorite of all the hair growth vitamins. It improves the health and texture of the hair and repairs brittle hair. Biotin work wonders on hair thickness and volume. It aids in the growth of cells and the production of fatty acids within the cells. Amino acids plays an important role in building blocks of proteins and process of glucogenesis too. Hence, it increase hair growth and straightening of hair. Foods containing biotin: Raspberries, eggs, bananas, yeast, walnuts, cauliflower, and almonds.

4. Vitamin A

Vitamin A important for hair growth. Vitamin A keeps your hair shiny and black. It contains Antioxidants that prevents the hair from drying out and moisturizes the scalp. They helps in thickening and strengthening of the hair. Foods containing Vitamin A: Milk, liver, spinach, egg yolk, carrots, mangoes, etc.

5. Folic Acid

Folic Acid is “the hair vitamins”, which beneficial for making your hair shiner and  thicker. It also help to fight graying hair. Foods containing Folic acid: All cereals and whole wheat grains contain folic acid.

Vitamins and Supplements for Your Hair
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6. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 help to prevent hair loss. Vitamin B12 aids in the absorption of iron to the body. Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. Foods rich in Vitamin B12: Cheese, milk, eggs, whey powder, and yoghurt.

There are others nutrients that help vitamins absorption, they are proteins and iron.

- Proteins

Proteins giving you a shiny hair, while iron maintain the strength of the hair roots. Without both, hair prone to damage and falling out. Foods containing proteins: Milk, sprouts, and more.

- Iron

Alopecia caused due to iron deficiency. Treatment for hair loss is enhanced when iron deficiency. This involves stimulating hair growth. Foods containing Iron: Beans, red meat, turkey, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruits.

Supplements for Hair Growth

Two Supplements for Hair Growth
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Viviscal has a high content of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C.


The active ingredient in Nourage is Keratin. Keratin is an extremely strong protein that is a major component in hair, skin, nails, and teeth.

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Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Growth
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