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Healthy Nutrition for Beauty Skin

Skin is an important organ in the body in addition to beauty, skin is important to protect our body from environmental factors such as viruses, bacteria, some chemicals, and temperature changes. The skin also contains melanin pigment which protects the skin against ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The skin is also very dependent on a healthy diet. The better our nutrition, getting healthy and glowing skin too. In addition to having a healthy diet, do a skin care is the best way to maintain the beauty and the beauty of the skin. Not just the body that needs nourishing substances to stay healthy, but the skin was in desperate need of nutrition every day in order to remain healthy and able to replace dead skin cells with new skin cells healthier.

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Here are some nutrients that we can remember to choose foods that are healthy for the skin or as a reference for choosing skin care products or vitamins that are good:

1 Vitamin A and carotene

Vitamin A plays a role in the formation of the epithelial cells of the epidermis skin cells, plays a role in the keratinization process of the skin, sebum production settings, helping to restore and repair the damage caused by light, striae, and cellulite. Vitamin A is found in animal foods, whereas carotenoids mainly in vegetable foods. Sources of vitamin A are liver, egg yolk, milk, and butter. Sources of carotene are green leafy vegetables and fruits that are yellow-orange, such as cassava leaves, bean leaves, spinach, kale, spinach, string beans, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, yellow corn, papaya, mango, jackfruit and citrus cooking.

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2 Vitamin B

To keep moisture and regenerate the skin. Panethenol substances resulting from vitamin B is the substance of vitamins that can be applied externally and can be absorbed through the skin to the inner skin layers. Useful to maintain balance and keep the skin moist. Some foods that contain vitamin B are brown rice, cassava, and green beans.

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3 Vitamin C

Not only good for keeping the immune system, but also to immune skin caused by sun exposure. In addition, vitamin C is known for its potency to make your skin whiter, and can help increase the production of collagen in the skin to keep skin elastic. Vitamin C can be obtained from oranges, broccoli, kiwi fruit, parsley, papaya, tomatoes, and so on. Therefore, no wonder if the vitamin is often used as an additional vitamins in skin care products.

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4 Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a role in the regulation of the immune system and the formation of epithelial skin. Vitamin D is activated in the skin with the help of sunlight and other sources of food that are egg yolks, liver, cream, butter and fish-liver oil.

Healthy Nutrition for Skin
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5. Vitamin E

Known to keep skin youthful. This vitamin is also found to reduce discomfort or pain in the skin chapped or inflamed. Nutrition Vitamin E can we have with consuming foods containing vitamin E such as nuts, tuna, bean sprouts, avocado, lobster or choose skin care products that contain olive oil.

Nutrition for Beauty Skin
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6 Omega 3

For people who are having problems or not elastic skin wrinkles, omega-3 can make the skin becomes elastic. We can consume foods containing high omega 3 fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon. The body does not produce omega 3, so we have to get through these foods.

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7 Selenium

Selenium works with vitamin E as an antioxidant. The main sources of selenium are seafood, liver, and kidneys. Meat and poultry are also good sources of selenium.

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8 Water

To keep the skin moist, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps cells absorb nutrients and remove toxins.

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When we consume or use skin care products that contain one of the above nutrients, we have two benefits at once, the body and skin healthy. Beautiful skin is not only beautiful to the eye alone, should also maintained their health through skin care products and a good lifestyle.

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Healthy Nutrition for Beauty Skin
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