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13 Health Benefits Of Niaouli Essential Oil

Niaouli Essential is extracted by steam-distilling the leaves and twigs of the tree. Niaouli essential oil has many health benefits attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-rheumatic, balsamic, bactericidal, cicatrisant, decongestant, febrifuge, expectorant, insecticide, vermifuge, stimulant, and vulnerary substance. The essential oil of Niaouli widely used in a large variety of cosmetics such as creams, lotions, soaps, and toothpastes.


The main components of niaouli essential are alpha pinene, alpha phellandrene, beta pinene, gamma terpineol, cineole, linalool, limonene and piperitone.

13 Health Benefits of Niaouli Essential Oil

1. Cicatrisant

This essential oil is an effective cicatrisant, an agent which helps remove marks and scars from the face. Niaouli essential oil helps reduce scars of acne, burns, pox and pimples. This oil also reenergizes your face and boosts skin cell production. The new tissues replace the damaged ones, thereby the scars fade way later.

2. Analgesic

The pain relieving property of niaouli essential makes it a highly analgesic. It eliminates pain by desensitizing the area and inducing numbness in the nerves. It is very effective in relieving the pain of toothaches, headaches, migraines, earaches, and muscle and joint pain, along with pain due to sprains.

3. Balsamic

This oil boosts health and promotes growth by promoting distribution of nutrients in the body.

4. Effective Antiseptic

Open wounds are prone to infections from fungi, bacteria, and other microbes. Bacteria also reside in the urogenital tracts, prostrate, colon, kidneys, intestines,  and cause infections of the sensitive body parts. Niaouli essential oil is a great antiseptic agent, that can inhibit bacterial growth and gives well protection against tetanus, and sepsis.

5. Stimulates Nerves

Niaouli oil helps promotes hormonal secretions and improves blood circulation. It stimulates the endocrine systems and  lymphatic. It improve metabolism, helps absorption, digestion and secretion. The oil also strengthens your immunity and stimulates growth.

6. Decongestant

Niaouli essential oil also opens up any congestion of the bronchi, lungs, larynx, trachea, pharynx and the nasal tracts by expelling the deposition of phlegm from these areas. This cleanout will help you breathe easier and guarantee a sleep quality at the end of the day.

7. Vulnerary

It helps your wounds heal faster when applied as an external application on the wounds mixed with any cream or lotion. As well as in healing cuts, internal wounds, and ulcers. It activates the leucocytes and prevents the intrusion of microbes. The disinfectant property of this oil itself inhibits microbial infections in the affected place.

8. Bactericidal

This essential oil kills bacteria and inhibits infections and bacterial growth. If you suffer from a bacterial infection, use this oil.

9. Febrifuge

This oil helps to reduce body temperature while fevers  by promoting sweat and against the infections that cause the fever. This also helps to release toxins in the blood to some extent, so that promoting faster relief from fever.

10. Antirheumatic

Niaouli essential oil stimulates the circulation of the blood and lymph, so that bringing warmth to various parts of the body and preventing the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. Both of them help give relief from arthritis, rheumatism, and gout.

11. Vermifuge

This essential oil also kills intestinal worms, which obstructs the normal physical and mental growth, and interferes with the absorption of nutrients. This oil safely used by children.

12. Expectorant

Niaouli essential oil helps relieve congestion, cold, heaviness in the chest, as well as coughs. It is an effective expectorant.

13. Insecticide

This oil is an effective insecticide. It kills insects like house flies and mosquitoes, except cockroaches. This can be used in sprays to achieve this effect, mosquito-free and smelling fresh.

It is also effective against acne, boils, abscesses and rashes. It blends well with the essential oils of fennel, coriander, juniper, lime,  lavender, pine, and peppermint. Caution: It is a non sensitizing, non-toxic, and non-irritating substances.

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13 Health Benefits Of Niaouli Essential Oil
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