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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Naturally

Everyone expects to have a proportional body. A person of short stature, trying to get a higher body, then he is looking for ways to elevate the body. An overweight, hoping to have a slim body, then he is looking for ways to streamline the body. Similarly, thin man, trying to gain weight. Apparently a lot of the problems faced by each person associated with the condition of their bodies. Actually, it is strongly associated with health. The problem is not on thin or fat, but healthy or not.

Okay, so that successful weight gain program, you should do a little research on your own self. Weight problem is not just caused by the daily food intake, but it is also strongly associated with other factors.

To gain weight you, please corrections health conditions and lifestyle. Here Weight Loss Tips Adding the right. Customize with your health condition.

Ways to Gain Weight Naturally
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Heredity factors also determine your body shape

A person has a body too thin, sometimes caused by hereditary factors. Note the shape of the body of parents, grandparents, or your grandmother. If they are thin, you also tend to have a thin body. Genetic factors can affect the body by about 33%.

Specific diseases

Difficulty gain weight can be caused by certain diseases, such as asthma, tuberculosis, Blood Sugar disease, cancer, disorders of the thyroid, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.. You need to coordinate with your doctor, for the above problem. In essence, treat your illness. No matter how great your efforts to raise the weight will be in vain, if it is still suffering from the above diseases.

A diet should be properly

Daily intake of food on the menu you must complete nutritional content. For those of you who were thin, complete your daily nutritional intake of foods rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, meat, eggs, cheese, and milk. Pilihlan healthy fats. To be a successful weight gain program, create a meal schedule. Adhere to the schedule that you create.

Regular exercise

With exercise causes the body to expend energy. Energy that comes out has to be replaced with food intake. Someone could restore her appetite after he experienced fatigue. Hunger so you need to support the weight gain program. The muscles of the body due to exercise even more nice. Do it regularly, at least 3 times a week.

Stop Smoking

A study in the USA revealed that neurons located in the brain can be activated by nicotine contained in the cigarette. The nervous system serves to restrain appetite.

Chewing food until soft

Swallowing food is chewed until soft makes the digestive process to be smooth. Dentistry is the best tool digesting food. Similarly, the enzymes in the mouth which helps the digestive process thus takes place smoothly. Chew up gently so that the optimal absorption of nutrients from food.

Are you sleeping enough?

For those of you who want to gain weight proved to be too much sleep will make you difficult to increase body weight. From this moment you try reducing the hours of sleep but still within reasonable limits of about 6 hours per day, because when we lack of sleep will cause the body to break and cause less stressors throughout the day. Stress is what will ultimately make you be constantly eating, but also will increase the levels of certain hormones that trigger weight gain. Rather sleep late will also give you more time to eat at night where the process is running slower metabolism so that food intake would be buried more body fat. But remember retained enough sleep.

What is your job?

The work also affects our habits, hard work and time consuming cause you often neglect mealtimes, this addition also endanger your health even make your weight will continue to decline. So no matter how busy you try to diet properly maintained leaving 5-10 minutes time buddy to eat.

Are you drinking enough water every day?

Adequate fluid intake every day can help expedite our digestive system it will certainly lead to the absorption of nutrients from food into the cells of our body runs the better. Hence therefore try to drink 8 glasses of water ataiu approximately 2 liters a day to keep our bodies in shape and contains.

Are you fond of snacking?

For those of you who struggle to increase the weight from now on always provide snack beside you, why do so due to the intake of carbohydrate snacking we will always be fulfilled because apart from the rest of the energy is converted into carbohydrates in the body will be stored as fat in our body. but select snack-healthy snack such as crackers or bread to fit the nutritional dose and not excessive.

Do you like coffee?

From now think back to drinking coffee, because in addition to increase the metabolism of caffeine in coffee can also act as an appetite-suppressant. In addition, the acid content in coffee can also increase stomach acid which leads to the risk of stomach ulcers which in turn make you have trouble for eating.

Are you stressed?

Stress can indeed increase one's appetite, but not a few people thought that too much stress or just being lazy to eat. As a new person will tend to breakup torture himself with more daydreaming or aloof and ignoring his diet.

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight
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Are you happy life?

People who tend to make a happy life increased appetite, consider married couples newly married, early marriage they usually still ideal weight but after a while will usually begin to rise because of their happiness, because of the presence of one another, because there is preparing what will they eat every day. So make yourself happy then the weight will automatically increase.

Do you often eat with friends or family?

My friend might be confused with this question, what to do? obviously highly correlated because usually when we eat together family or friends appetite or desire to eat without feeling we will become great and the portions are also more and more, especially if the fight each other.

Are you taking a multivitamin to increase appetite?

Take a multivitamin is very necessary for those who have a lack of appetite, lack of vitamin B complex can decrease one's appetite. So you are advised to consume less appetite multivitamins containing vitamin B complex and curcuma juice to improve your appetite.

That answers some questions at the same time I can give to my friend for a little help all the problems my friend who have difficulty to promote weight loss. Pelaksaanaanya very simple indeed but I am sure it is heavy. However, if it can be implemented with seunggu really slowly but surely I am confident of success.

If the above methods have been implemented but have not been successful so keep trying and give thanks definitely what you already have in yourself, the most important has been confirmed by a doctor that you are not suffering from a particular disease then in fact it is enough for my friend. Thin body does not mean not good, there are many other potential within yourself that can be dug so that we can show how special we are to others.

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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Naturally
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