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How to Reduce Length Menstrual Cycles

Long Menstrual Cycles - Many women suffer from menstrual cycle length that lasts more than 7 days. Heavy menstrual bleeding and severe abdominal cramps can also accompany long.

Although many women experience long periods of up to seven days, more than that is not normal, and you need to research and treatment. This is due to prolonged bleeding can cause fatigue and anemia. Here are some steps to reduce the length of the menstrual cycle. [Read: Natural Remedies to Cope Dysmenorrhea ]

Tips to reduce the length of the menstrual cycle

Consult your Gynecologist

A gynecologist may perform a thorough investigation, ultrasound, and to determine the causes of severe and prolonged menstruation. At this time, it is possible that a long time causing endometriosis. Once diagnosed, treatment modalities can be associated with.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are very effective in reducing heavy menstrual cycles and prolonged. Consult with your doctor to put you on the pill effective, which has minimal side effects.

Reduce Length Menstrual Cycles
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Hormonal imbalance

Sometimes the intense and prolonged bleeding due to hormonal imbalance. Be sure to ask your doctor for a complete examination. The downside of this balance can be corrected and normal menstrual cycle can be effectively restored.

Reduce stress

Sometimes, stress also plays havoc with your menstrual cycle, which leads to amenorrhea or menorrhagia, causing prolonged bleeding. Do not take stress in your life will also help to control the length of your cycle.

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Some drugs, such as analgesics can help control bleeding and reduce pain and discomfort associated with long periods of time.


Obesity can also cause hormonal imbalances, and for a long time, so make sure you exercise regularly to bring your weight back check. Exercise will also help you to restore the normal functioning of hormones.


Menstrual Cycles
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In the case of endometriosis, surgery may be considered where a layer of excess tissue from the uterus is removed. It can provide great assistance and help reduce menstrual cycle again. Fibroids can be other reasons for a long time, so make sure you get treatment for fibroids surgery or drugs.

Eat well

Prolonged bleeding can take a toll on your health and you feel tired. Be sure to eat foods rich in iron supplements so that your body does not have to deal with iron deficiency and anemia.

Talk with your Doctor

Many women continue to ignore their symptoms long as they are shy and hesitant to talk to the doctor. Be sure to get over their reservations and talk to your doctor if you suffer from this problem. Early treatment is necessary or not, can cause a number of other problems such as infertility and the inability to conceive a child.

A lot of time is very small and can be easily solved with drugs and surgery. Therefore, make sure you follow the above tips and get help as soon as possible.

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How to Reduce Length Menstrual Cycles
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