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11 Benefits of Prune Juice for Hair, Skin and Health

Prunes are highly nutritious fruits with a chewy texture and sweet taste. This fruits commonly known for their constipation relieving properties.

Benefits of Prune Juice for Skin

1. Mineral supply for the skin

Prune juice contain minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, etc. which give you a glowing healthy skin.

2. Reduces Skin Problems

Prunes are rich in vitamin A that plays an important role in skin health. Prune juice is helpful in minimizing these skin troubles. Vitamin A clears your system of certain toxins that can cause skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, and fine lines. It also helps your skin stay moisturized. [More: Healthy Nutrition for Beauty Skin ]

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3. Wonderful Moisturizer

This fruit have great moisturizing effects over skin. People who are suffering from dry skin or excessively oily can try applying a prune face mask. This is extremely helpful in making the skin smooth, soft, and revitalized.

Benefits of Prune Juice for Hair

Prune is a rich source of vitamins B, C, etc. which play a significant role in the health of your hair. These components prevent damage and strengthen hair follicles from the roots.

4. Promotes Hair Growth

Minerals plays a key role in providing nourishment to the hair. Minerals provide the essential nutrients to your hair, which in turn give you shiny and lustrous hair and promote hair growth.
[More: Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Hair Growth ]

Benefits of Prune Juice for Health

5. Balances Blood Sugar

Soluble fiber present in prune juice helps normalize blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of sugars. These also increase insulin sensitivity which further helps in the prevention of diabetes.

6. Prevents Constipation

Prunes juice are known to relieve constipation as it is very rich in insoluble fibre content.

7. Maintains Cholesterol Balance

The insoluble fibre content of prune juice binds to cholesterol and other fatty acids to promote their excretion through waste.

8. Protects the heart

Prune are known to lower the risk of heart diseases and helps in lowering blood pressure as it contains of antioxidants, omega 3 and other nutrients required by our heart. Therefore, should be consumed daily.

9. Prevents Hemorrhoids

Soluble fiber present in prune juice acts as a natural laxative aiding with constipation and hemorrhoids. [More: Home Remedies and Natural Tips for Hemorrhoids ]

10. Prevent Anemia

Prunes are rich in iron which can be used as a natural remedy for treating anemia.


11. Maintain your weight

Prunes can help you lose weight because of their high fiber content and a great source of energy. Eating prunes can help you lose weight because fiber helps satisfy hunger before you eat as many calories. [More: 18 Amazing Tips to Lose Weight In a Week ]


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11 Benefits of Prune Juice for Hair, Skin and Health
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